Useful Links

  • NMA (Nepal Mountaineering Association)
  • NMIA (Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association)
  • NNMGA (Nepal National Mountain Guide Association)
  • IFMGA (International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations)
  • ENSA (Ecole Nationale De Ski et d' Alpinisme, France)
  • NZMGA (New Zealand Mountain Guide Association)
  • Mountainz.co.nz (New Zealand mountaineering)
  • CMC (Canterbury Mountaineering Club, New Zealand)
  • Sunrockice (Sunrockice New Zealand Mountain & Ski Guides)
  • I Climb (Equipment in New Zealand and Australia)
  • Vibram MC (Vibram Mountaineering Club, UK)
  • Ev-K²-CNR (Italian & Nepali Research Center)


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